Hey Loves,

With the holiday season right around the corner and the pandemic leading more and more people to shop online instead of in-store, I thought what better time than now to introduce our THEÍA VINTAGE Giftcards! 

So maybe you're that someone who wants to avoid large crowds during the holiday shopping season this year. Or maybe you're looking to gift that special someone a unique vintage piece BUT find yourself asking, "Will this even fit? Is this the perfect piece?" (because let's be honest they are all gorgeous but also sizing can be tricky lol) Or maybe instead of letting grandma pick out something for you that you don't even really want (sorry grandma) you want to pick out your own gift this year and are just waiting for that perfect piece to pop online in the shop. 

Whatever the reason may be, a THEÍA Vintage giftcard might just be the perfect pick for you this year. 

You can buy our giftcards just as you would buy a vintage piece on our website in the shopping section.

You'll have 2 options:

1. a digital gift card which will be sent to you via email 

or if you're looking for something a bit more personal...

2. the physical version which will be sent to you buy mail

Both versions will include a code that can be used at check-out when buying an item. The code for the gift card will remain active until you have fully used up your entire balance. I obviously want you to get your moneys' worth :)

Click the picture below to purchase your first giftcard!


Shop sustainably this holiday season. 

Shop second-hand vintage! Shop THEÍA ;)


XO Alysha