Shop sustainably but make it fashion

I often say when you choose to buy one of the vintage items from Goodleafvintage you’re helping save the planet! That’s partly because I try my best to run the shop sustainably but also because the fashion industry has a HUGE negative impact on our environment. Shopping vintage is an amazing way to fight that impact.  

Did you know the fashion industry is one of the most pollutive in the world? 

So not cool. 

Terrible working conditions, the abuse of human rights, overfilled landfills, toxic sewage, micro-plastics polluting oceans, and high levels of energy and water consumption are the result of unethically run companies mass-producing low-quality pieces of clothing. It’s an industry in which literally everything is mass-produced & mass consumption is promoted. It leaves no room for creativity, self-expression, or love to our planet. 2020 is shouting, " Bitch, get with it".


  • The clothing and footwear industry produce more C02  than ship and air transport!

  • The  dyeing and treating  of textiles cause 20% of the world's industrial water pollution!

  • About 7,000  liters of water are needed to make 1 pair of jeans!!!!!



    Vintage fashion has become a huge trend and luckily a sustainable one. 

    Very fucking cool.

    Yeah, some people buy vintage because they choose to shop sustainably. Others  shop vintage because they want to express their individuality more. Striving for authenticity & originality. And than there those who have a passion for collecting rare pieces. 

    How fulfilling is it looking through a vintage or thrift shop and finding a gorgeous unique item that you most likely won’t ever find again? When you buy a piece of vintage clothing you’re buying a piece that tells a story of the past! How many lives has that piece lived? Where has it been, where does it come from? And who doesn’t love the retro designs, funky patterns, glistening fabrics, and old school brand designs? Not to mention that the quality of clothing back then was a lot better than it is now. The shopping experience is an adventure of its own and so much more rewarding than looking through racks of mass-produced fast fashion.

    I’m not saying you should only shop vintage. There are so many cool ethical labels out there creating fashion in the craziest, most sustainable ways! But why not try mixing your wardrobe up a bit? Mixing the old with the new! But say no to fast fashion clothing brands. It’s just not the tea. 

    The best way we can truly help counteract the damage the fashion industry has had on our planet is simple. Consume more mindfully and by keep older pieces in circulation. 

    Thanks for choosing Goodleafvintage.

    Stay Groovy, Alysha